Dare to F.A.I.L!



  1. be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goal
  2. to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved

When it comes to failing? I have been there. Numerously, in fact.

Though, I like to think of it as an unsuccessful attempt. The word attempt serves as a subtle reminder that I am not limited to one attempt, and that I can in fact try multiple times until I achieve a successful attempt.

Really, it is all a mind game.

Steps To Move Beyond Unsuccessful Attempts:

  1. Understand and accept that it is a natural phenomenon: I dare to say no human on earth can gloat about never failing at least once in their life time. Though it may not be grand and impactful, at some point during the progression to adulthood, we have all encountered the unannounced guest: failure. It is okay that you tried and fell short. It happens, and thankfully, it is not the end of the world when it does. Pick yourself back up and try a different approach.
  2. Approach with a growth mindset and an opportunity to learn: Ask the necessary questions: what am I missing? What am I not doing accurately? What can I do to improve? Failing is natures way of calling our attention to a flaw or weakness. You didn’t get it right the first time—so what? Review your mistakes, bridge any content gaps, re-examine your approach, adjust your mindset, and go at it again. I will be the first to advocate for trying again, but, trying again without a thorough and careful assessment and reevaluation of previous attempts is a disservice and a blatant waste of your time. You cannot neglect the review process between a failed attempt and the next attempt. The number of times you failed doesn’t matter and so does the number of trials—what counts is what you do after your 1st attempt and before your 2nd attempt. The gap between trial X and trial Y presents a learning opportunity that ought to be seized.
  3. Be open to input and welcome ideas that may differ from your stance: usually when we fall short, it’s often because there is something missing: an addition or subtraction of information and/or action that needs amendment. That something missing could sometimes be as a result of inaccurate or incomplete idea/method/understanding. Seek for help when you need it, and try out the varying perspectives others bring to the table.
  4. Extend grace to yourself: It goes without saying that Rome wasn’t built overnight. It is unrealistic to expect instant results and success overnight—it just doesn’t work that way! Be patient with yourself. Be gracious to yourself. Patience and grace instills the courage to dare try again.

Really, to fail simply put is:



I-rrespective of


I hope you find the courage to F-A-I-L again!



12 responses to “Dare to F.A.I.L!”

  1. Very motivating post.

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    1. Thank you, Sadje.
      It’s nice having you here & hearing from you. Thank you for stopping by! 😊💕

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      1. You’re welcome my friend

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  2. If we don’t FAIL, it means that we have never tried, never took a leap of faith & are destined to be frozen in place forever.

    Remember this, the world is watching us to see how we react to challenges.

    If we don’t try, we can NEVER succeed. And when we succeed we MUST give all the glory to God.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this Barb. Couldn’t agree more. I have heard of a saying that failing is the first attempt to learning. We must first try to know what we are capable of.
      And at the end, all the glory belongs to Him.
      Hope you have a blessed week! 🙂✨

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  3. Thank you for this timely message, Sunshine!! It’s all a matter of perspective- “attempts” vs. failures, what can I learn so next time I’ll get it right (or at least do better.) The hardest thing is letting go of squashed pride to try again!! 💐🌟🤗🌟💐

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    1. I agree with this. 😊👍
      Pride can deter us from trying again and if we don’t try again, we may never get the opportunity to experience the win in such situations. 💯

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      1. Absolutely! It sure can. The challenge then becomes overcoming pride.

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    2. Thank you for reading!! 💝
      Perspective (and attitude) becomes pertinent in the matters of failure.
      Pride is a very hard thing indeed. I pray God blesses us with the courage to let go and try again!


  4. I love your definition of “fail”. Thanks for sharing this, sis. ❤

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! 💝🙂

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