Finding the Balance

Does finding the balance between different aspects of life gets easier to achieve with age? I ask because I am yet to completely master the act of balance in its totality.

Often times, I find myself devoting more time in one aspect of my life than the other–neglecting one and attending more to another. Life, currently, is out of balance and I am trying to bring it back to equilibrium. With that in mind, it begs the question; will life ever be balanced? Can one ever achieve a balanced life?

The worst of it all, is when those around you guilt-trip you for spending much time with your aspirations than you do with them—the never-ending “you forgot about me,” “I don’t hear from you anymore,” “you no long have my time,” “you’re never around,” and on and on the list goes.

When I have so much to achieve, I sometimes unintentionally and unconsciously neglect (not completely) part of my life that “doesn’t” need more attention while dedicating (almost) all of my time to the current wave sailing my ship. It is a challenge I am constantly mentally working on. Sometimes, I am able to find and maintain the balance, other times unforeseen events comes in and disrupt the balance. Then there are times when I am the one creating the imbalance and not outside forces–not because I want to but because there is a part of my life that demands my utmost undivided attention.

I have often heard the saying “your young years are your years to be selfish,” but to what expense? When you purposefully neglect other areas of your life in exchange for devotion to your goals and aspiration are you not hurting those areas in the long run?

How do you find balance when you have so much going on that needs to be achieved? How do you find balance between family, school, friends, partner, and self? And if one must “suffer” how do you decide which suffer–is it a conscious decision?

No matter how chaotic life gets, effective communication to loved ones and understanding and support from loved ones makes all the difference. Lack of such can lead to the demise of the relationship, ultimately. Most importantly, no matter how chaotic life gets, your mind, body, & soul should never suffer from self neglect.

May God help us! Amen.



19 responses to “Finding the Balance”

  1. The balanced life means different things at different stages. In younger days, studies and academic pursuits take up most of our time leaving little for physical and leisure activities. In our practical life our main emphasis is usually on job and getting settled. Here we often neglect our family obligations, even our personal wellbeing. It is in old age that we have plenty of time and may find the balance we are seeking all our lives.

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    1. Hmm. So “balanced life” changes depending on where we are in life. Well said. Thank you for sharing such insight. 💝

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      1. I had a great teacher, my late father in law. He would tell us that change yourself as the priorities in your lives change. Find the balance.

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  2. Thought provoking write, I agree with you, finding the balance in life is indeed quite difficult at times… I hope we all find a way to do it softly and meaningfully 🙏🏻☀️

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    1. Very challenging indeed…Amen. Thanks for reading 💝


  3. So true, I must agree with you on that. I pray that you obtain balance in your life in Jesus Name! Amen.

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  4. Life is like a teeter-totter. I wrote a poem about that about 40 years ago. Wrote it to/for my mom. Time to resurrect it! I will post it on JanBeek (my blog) later tonight or tomorrow. And, no, I don’t think it’s gotten easier. Just less things to balance once you retire … unless you do as I do … and volunteer in a million places!

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    1. Wow! Will be looking out for it. Very kind of you to render your time to volunteer. Thanks for your input! 💝✨

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      1. I posted Teeter-Totter on JanBeek. I hope u go read it and comment.

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  5. Finding balance can be challenging but, I do think it’s possible. But, I do believe that it has a lot to do with YOU and your own personal definition of what balance really is. Praying for your balance and peace 💖

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    1. Ah I appreciate your insight. Thank you sis! 💝

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  7. Amazing post!! Your content is amazing and a must-read..I hope you achieve every desire..Keep it up always.. I’m excited for your upcoming posts..You are very good..Well written..

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    1. I appreciate your positivity and words of kindness. Thank you.. . .thank you! 🙂✨


      1. My pleasure always!! 😊

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