How to set SMART goals

With just two months into the new year, I am sure many of us are working diligently to fulfill the goals we had set during the first week of the year.

The key to achieving goals is setting SMART goals. What are smart goals you may ask? Let’s break it down.

Specific: when setting goals, you want to be as specific as possible. Specificity ensures that you know exactly what you need to work on. For example, instead of saying I want to be healthy in 2023. I can be more specific and say I want to increase my vegetables intake.

Measurable: you want to set a goal that can be tracked and progress can be closely monitored. Going back to my vegetable example, I can modify it by saying my goal is to intake 2 cups of vegetable with every meal. With this, I can notate and track the quantity of my vegetable intake. Measurable goals are quantifiable and provides a way for you evaluate and realign progress. Ask yourself—how will I measure my goals? How will I know when I have achieved it?

Attainable: setting a goal that’s attainable means that achieving the goal is within your means. If I know I can’t afford 2 cups of vegetable with every meal, then irrespective of my effort, I will never be able to achieve the goal because it’s beyond my reach. Attainable goals are goals within your control—they are goals that have ambitious but realistic targets. Ask yourself: is it impossible to achieve this goal? Can I genuinely achieve this goal?

Relevant: you want to set a goal that is realistic to avoid overwhelming yourself unnecessarily. The goal of consuming 2 cup of vegetable seven days a week is unrealistic to me though it might be realistic to others. SMART goals are personal goals unique to your circumstances. When setting your goals, keep in the forefront of your mind what works for you, and not what others says works. It’s a YOU goal not a THEM goal.

Time-bound: giving a time frame helps with focusing on your goals. A goal without a timeframe may seems out of reach and overwhelming to approach. However, you also want to be realistic when setting a timeframe. Setting a deadline helps keep you accountable. Ask yourself: by when do I want o accomplish this goal? How long will it take?

You can achieve it, if you believe it, and work towards it. I’m rooting for ya!



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  1. Nice share! God’s blessings!

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