In Phases

Life they say happens in phases. One minute you were a baby learning how to craw, and some years later you became fully capable of walking on your feet with no assistant from mama and papa. So, how did you go from crawling to walking?

Walking, though easy for us now to do as adults, was once an arduous and daunting activity. There was a point in time when we were in the phase of crawling then gradually progressed to walking. The act of walking—which we so freely do now, happened in stages.

Walking, just like most things in life, happen in phases and even with our desire to speed up some unfavourable phases, we just can’t. However, it should be comforting to know that each phase brings about lessons to be learned, memories to be told, and growth. Can you imagine your little one going straight into walking without crawling first? We as human, by design, are created to craw, stand, then walk. During each stage, we shower the child with patience and affirming words. However, as adults, it’s easy to neglect the power of patience and positive mindset. When life brings you to a phase—especially the unpleasant ones, shower yourself with affirming words and extend patience to yourself. Your current situation in life may not be where you want to be, and that is okay. It’s temporary and it will pass. The time will pass either way and a new phase will unfold. However, the next phase may take months or even years—yes, years. In the meanwhile, relish in it, extend grace to yourself, learn as much as you can, & grow as much you can.

The time will pass. Your turn will come.



11 responses to “In Phases”

  1. Beautiful words Cyn. Thanks for sharing

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    1. Thank you Sadje for reading (:

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  2. It’s the waiting that can be challenging!

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    1. Oh yes, so true! The wait can be tough. May God help us overcome the waiting period.

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  3. In every phase, in every season, we learn how to overcome! Well said!

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    1. You summarized it so well. Come what may, we will overcome. I appreciate your visit Warren. Do have a great week ahead!

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  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Your thoughts on time is so appropriate for the world today that I gladly re-blog it here, Merci beaucoup.

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    1. Thank you so much friend for the reblog. I appreciate it. Hope the weekend is treating you well!

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      1. My pleasure to spread your sunshine, Bless you.

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