Don’t Hold Back The Tears

Happy tears, sad tears, anxious tears

Whatever be thou the reason

Darling, don’t hold back the tears 

Let it out

Allow your cheek feel the warm drop, 

Your soul experience the liberating cleanse 

Your shoulder be light and unburden 

Your heart open to new beginnings

Happy tears, sad tears, unexplainable tears

Whatever be thou the reason

Each drop carries the weight of the events

That led up to now—

A vulnerable moment 

A natural response

A liberating act

A sign of strength 

Darling, don’t hold back the tears 

Especially when it shows up unannounced


Let it out. 

Everything will be alright.



13 responses to “Don’t Hold Back The Tears”

  1. Sometimes crying can give us release from pent up emotions.

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    1. Absolutely! It can help release them all.
      Thank you Sadje for your comment.

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  2. Crying is a form of letting the emotions out and it does help. It’s not a form of weakness when we do it with a heart that trust in God, for Him to heal our hearts in that hurt or trying phase.

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    1. Absolutely, Mercy. It does wonders. It’s a natural response to healing and hurt. Thank you for visiting 🤍


  3. It’s so timely for me to stumble upon this blogpost today, as I’ve been crying a lot as of late. A woman I know lost her battle with cancer recently, only three months after being diagnosed with it. She left a loving husband and twin 5 year olds behind. It has been good to cry, and it’s nice to feel affirmed in shedding all these tears. Thank you!

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    1. I am so sorry. What a great lost. My condolences to her family and hope they find comfort.
      It warms my heart to know this post brought even a tiny bit of affirmation to you when most needed.
      Thank you for reading.
      Thank you for sharing such an emotional and personal experience with us.
      Sending some virtual hugs & love 🤍✨🤍

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  4. The soul
    is the invisible house
    that i was born in
    is allowed to live

    into the outside world
    allowed to go out

    in everything
    to everything
    till my end

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    1. Thank you Gamma for sharing such beautiful poem with us. Love it!

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  5. Yeah I agreed to your concept.
    I believe that emotions, anger, happiness, tears should be out. Because, If you don’t then your body will become a dustbin.

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    1. Absolutely. Letting out the emotions can be freeing. Thank you yam for stopping by.


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