Breath & Reboot.

Did you know the human body is just like a computer? No really, the body shares some similarities with the computer.

My computer does this ‘weird’ thing where if I don’t power it off or restart it within a week or so: it automatically shuts itself down and restarts in the midst of using it. The audacity! But then again, how dare I remiss to give the poor computer a break? After all, it’s not easy servicing my needs for seven consecutive days non-stop.

Strange huh? No.

That’s the system’s way of getting your attention and screaming loudly: “Hey! Turn me off! Shut me down! Restart me! I need a breath! Something!” Similarly, the body sends out an alarm that it’s time for a reboot. If you’re paying attention and mindful, you’ll catch it. The body deserves a break and a breath of fresh of air every now and then. How often? Depends on the needs and demands of your body and how strenuous you make it work.

Like the computer, when the body has been overworked with little or no intermittent reboot, it possibly could shut down and God forbid it never reboots itself. When the computer shuts down unexpectedly, files and current work risk getting lost. Just like the computer, when the body shuts down unexpectedly, long lasting effects could arise.

You see—there’s no career, no relationship, no project, and no education worth your body shutting down. Ask yourself: when last did I breath and reboot?

When you’re feeling low and discouraged? Breath & reboot.

When life takes an unexpected U-turn? Breath and reboot.

When you experience unforeseen delay? Breath and reboot.

When you hit a road block with no GPS? Breath and reboot.

When you’re tired and overwhelmed ? Breath and reboot.

Breath, friend, and oh, don’t forget to reboot!

Very important.



17 responses to “Breath & Reboot.”

  1. Yes to more breathing and rebooting. 😁🙋

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    1. Yes! Very important! 🙂

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  2. True it is…go to motivational doc on YouTube for easy acupressure exercises, like you indicated, on how to help reboot!

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    1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I love how you compare the body to a computer. It’s so true! And rebooting and breathing are so helpful when you need to stay motivated and keep from getting burned out. Great post!

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    1. Right! Certainly, it can help with burn out. Thank you Michelle for stopping by!

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  4. A good analogy. I liked it.

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    1. Thank you, Kaushal, for reading! I appreciate it! (:

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  5. I absolutely love this post! 🙂 You are so right. When we push ourselves to the point of an ‘automatic shutdown,’ very bad things happen. Besides that, we can’t possibly function at our best without the chance to breathe and reboot. I love how you tied this into the analogy of a computer. You’re right! We are very similar.

    Thank you for this very important reminder. It’s one we all need to pay more attention to if you ask my humble opinion. Workaholism is not a sign of accomplishment or a badge of honor. We were made for so much more! Fulfillment comes when we breathe & reboot. ♥

    Endless blessings to you & yours. Thank you for a great post!

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    1. Couldn’t agree more. You said it so perfectly. Our body deserves our attention and care too.
      Thank you, Holly, for a great feedback! Thank you reading and sharing.
      Hope your week is filled with blessings and happiness.
      Love and light 💕✨🙂

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  6. Hi, my sunshine, wishing you a blessed Easter season, so enjoy your writing, too.

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    1. Thank you! Hope you have a blessed and glorious one also. (:

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  7. My son reminds me I need to shut my phone off from time to time for the same reasons.

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    1. That’s wonderful! Sounds like he has your well wishes at heart. Thank you Rebecca for reading and stopping by. (:

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  8. My son has taken up the habit of asking me when I’ve rebooted the computer or phone as I don’t think about it, so he reminds me. Or the phone does, it starts making odd noises to alert me. And yes, our body lets us know as well.

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    1. Very true! Thank you for sharing Rebecca.
      Very kind of your son to be your reminder. Everyone and everything could use and benefit from a reboot—very important.

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      1. He came in here this morning and my computer was having a moment. He asked when was the last time I shut it down. I told him yesterday. Which was true, but it was an accident 😉

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