Part II: The Price

In continuation of D.A.C

The Price You’ve to Pay: To Make Success Become a Reality:

Step 1: Desire: the seed. You have to plant; the seed to see any growth at all. There comes a time in life where you have just had enough. You have to acknowledge enough is enough: enough of the stagnation, enough of the procrastination, enough of the starting and never finishing, enough of the negative mindset, enough of the wishful thinking, enough of living vicariously through others success, enough of the fear and anxiety to take the first step, enough is enough. After the confession, you must desire to make a change. You have to desire success to begin working towards success. Until you have had enough of your current situation and want to make a difference, success remains an unattainable goal.

The Price of Determination: the fertile soil. A seed buried in concrete will not grow because seeds require the right environment to germinate. Determination is placing yourself in the right environment with the right association to ensure you germinate. It is a conscious decision to immerse yourself daily into the pool of information, people, and task pertinent to your achievement of success. If you have desire, but lack determination, your goals will remain a mere day dreams. Desire will get you started in the pursuit of greatness, but determination will keep you going till you attain your goals.

The Price of Diligence: the action—watering of the soil. It’s one thing to plant the seed, but if it’s not diligently watered, it’ll die. If you ask any farmer, they’ll quickly tell you that seeds don’t and won’t grow without water.  Without water, seeds cannot use their stored energy. Similarly, success cannot be achieved without due diligence of actively investing the time and effort required to achieve your goal. Seeds do not germinate into plants overnight, neither does success happen overnight; it doesn’t. Diligence is the ability to consistently work hard and work smart. 

The Price of Dedication: continuous action—upkeep of the seed. Dedication is unwavering commitment to the task. Now you see your seed growing, but it takes dedication to remove all the weeds for your plant to continue to grow. You’re watching with uncommon focus–single minded focus on your goals and aspirations. Dedication is the act of shutting out every form of distraction that may alter your focus and attention from your original purpose. There’re many obstacles that’ll attempt to impede your journey, but dedication helps you get through them. Dedication is going the extra mile.

The Price of Discipline: intentional and purposeful action—maintenance of the plant. Now that the seed has become a plant, what do you do? You discipline yourself to continue with the upkeep and watering, or else, the plant will wither and die. It’s one thing to finally achieve your goal; it’s another thing to maintain your goal. If you ask anyone who has ever lost weight, they’ll tell you maintaining the weight loss is much harder than losing the weight—it takes discipline. If you ask any founder or CEO of a company, they’ll tell you that remaining at the top requires triple the work invested during the early stage—it takes discipline. Discipline is the major key to maintaining success. Discipline is possessing a sense of mission in the pursuit of your assignment/any task. It is operating as you’re commanded not as convenient. Discipline I find to be one of the hardest price because it is so easy to let loose and slack down after a goal has been attained. But, you must not fall into such temptation. You must remain: disciplined in your finances, disciplined in your academics, disciplined in your career, disciplined in your relationships, and disciplined in your endeavors.

For success to become your reality, you must desire it, be determined, diligent, dedicated, and disciplined.

Success is well within your reach. I am rooting for you. Go for it!



9 responses to “Part II: The Price”

  1. Hey Sunhsine – I agree with you that discipline is necessary to reach & maintain our goals, but it sure isn’t easy!!! ☀️🤪☀️

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    1. Oh yes! Absolutely. Discipline is sooo hard, but very mandatory. It’s an everyday battle for many. May God help us. Amen.
      I appreciate your input! Do stay blessed.

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  2. Success is work, but the work first starts within. Where the price needs to be paid, for a heart to truly be profitable! Nice share!

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    1. Success requires internal and external work. Well said. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for stopping by Warren! Be blessed!

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  3. Do I need to print this and commit it to memory? Yes! I’m at a stand still on my book because I’m feeling overwhelmed as a caregiver for an elderly Aunt. Lord help me to adopt these principles! Amen!

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    1. Ah. Thank you for sharing Cecilia. It’s very kind and generous of you to render your time to care.
      Amen. The Lord is with you and your strength. Do take it easy. Writing a book takes time and lots of discipline so don’t be too hard on yourself especially when you have other urgent responsibilities. I wish you well with your book. Blessings to you and yours. 💝


  4. Great post Cyn, and timely too. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. I’m glad to know it came in timely! Thank you for reading.


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