Everyone wants to be successful, at least so I think. I am yet to encounter one who doesn’t. Without even trying, you’ll find a million and one books, posts, blogs, audios, and interviews on how to be successful. Well, I am here to add one more to your list. I promise to keep it short and straightforward.

  1. Desire: is the first step to the ladder of success. To succeed, you must have the desire. Desire is defined as a “strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen,”  and the synonyms are “yearning,” “enthusiasm,” and “determination,” to name a few. You have to yearn for success to actually begin to purse success. A strong desire is what starts the engine to the journey of success;  lukewarm desire is not enough and will barely start the engine.

    Desire creates passion to purse

    Without desire you can’t begin to achieve. You cannot simply force a track athlete, who is very much in love with the sport, to pursue basketball. They’ll never reach their full potential because the desire to practice and improve in the game of basketball is absent. When desire is absent, resentment and stagnation fosters. So ask yourself, do I desire success?

  2. Association: who do you surround yourself with? Are they like-minded individuals equally achieving a goal in life? What information are you consciously and subconsciously feeding yourself daily? The group you surround yourself with makes a difference, and plays a role in perpetuating the zeal to keep striving. You want to surround yourself with people that are ambitious and desire success just as much as you do, people that are hard working and go-getters, people that are positive and encouraging.

    The road to success is a lengthy journey filled with lots and lots of disappointment and rejections. 

    So, it is imperative to have friends that will not be so quick to encourage you to quit and give up. You don’t want associations that are always swift to dismiss your ideas and make mockery of your  journey. This will only happen when they lack the same yearning, enthusiastic, and determined spirit as you do. Check the company you keep.

  3. Concentration: focus.

    Success demands unwavering focus 

    on that which you hope to achieve. It is very easy to get distracted and preoccupied with a task not aligned with your ultimate goal. Find the source of your distraction and eliminate it immediately. Distractions leads to procrastination and doubt: you begin to question your abilities “perhaps, I am not good at this,” “perhaps, it’s not meant to be.” Listen, you’re distracted and distracted body leads to distracted thoughts. To achieve success, your mind, body, and soul has to be committed to the process. And when one is distracted, the rest follows. The body can’t be distracted while the mind remains focused, no. Eventually, the mind will catch up to the body. You must remain focused and concentrated.

There is no easy way out with success, if there was, we all would be successful. But there are things you must do to ensure you’re on the right path and to propel yourself to victory: you must desire success, you must surround yourself with kind and equally passionate association, and lastly, you must maintain an unrelenting concentration.

I wish you well in all your present and future endeavor. I am rooting for you.




14 responses to “D.A.C”

  1. Success takes time and energy. Don’t waste it on nonsense or lazy people. Finish what you started.

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    1. Yes, surely, it does. May God grant us the grace to always finish what we started!
      Thank you for sharing that.

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  2. Thanks for your encouragement sis.

    Such a blessing to know that if we stay committed to our dreams, we can achieve it with God in it too. 🙌

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    1. Absolutely!
      Keep on striving, the Lord is your strength.
      I appreciate your engagement 💝

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      1. Yes I will keep the motion gear on. 😊
        Glad to. ❤

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  3. So true dear! Completely agree with you!!

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    1. Ah! Thank you for engaging!! 🙂💝

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      1. My pleasure always! 😊💖


  4. Great post! Wishing you blessings! 🙂

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    1. Thank you kindly! Wishing you many more blessings. 💝🙂

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