A Good Cry

When was the last time you cried?

It’s unfortunate that crying is painted as a sign of weakness. But that’s so far from the truth. People cry for many reasons: for some, it’s therapeutic and cleansing, for others, it’s a process of healing, for many more it’s signifies freedom and letting go. Crying can mean a thousand and one thing, and weakness isn’t one of them.

When a child is born and a mother let out a cry of relief: is that weakness ? No.

When a new born cries to mark their presence into the world: is that weakness? No.

When a loved one returns home safely after serving their country and their family let out a cry of joy: is that weakness? No.

When you’ve invested time and effort into a project and finally receive a victorious outcome that leads to tears: is that weakness? No.

When two love birds exchange vows and tear drop suddenly follows: is that weakness? No.

When you’ve been heartbroken and cried yourself to sleep for days: is that weakness? No.

When you lose a loved one to the sudden chance of death and you cry: is that weakness? No.

When you’ve been away from home for long and finally return to a tasty home cooked meal surrounded by family and cry from the overwhelming love: is that weakness? No.

Crying will never be a sign of weakness. That crying has been tied with ‘weakness’ is a mere social construct–a fallacious social construct. Don’t let society fool you. It’s only weakness when you feel the need to cry, but then hold back because ‘society says.’ Now, that’s weak. It takes strength to cry–lots of it. Trust me, I know. So you see, there’s nothing remotely weak about allowing your body release all that water.

Sometimes all we need is a good cry:

Especially to my male readers, who society has drown into your ears that ‘Men don’t cry.’ Allow me remind you that crying doesn’t make you weak, and doesn’t make you any less of a man. It simply makes you human.

Cry, if you must.



22 responses to “A Good Cry”

  1. Sometimes, I want to cry out my eyes. Like, I want to pour out everything that’s weighing me down, but I can’t. I don’t know how to.
    I’ve heard many people say that when your problems become overwhelming, crying can ease things a bit. I know this is true. And I wish I could cry… maybe it’s something I can learn?

    The reason I don’t cry isn’t because of society and it’s stereotypical beliefs, though. It’s because I’ve never been one to show any emotion. I grew up with this cold and blunt personality that makes it hard to react to pain outwardly, even when I’m dying on the inside. I guess, you’d say that I’m a stoic person.

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    1. Hm. I appreciate you sharing your perspective with us. Interesting you state your reasons aren’t society related. Very good.
      So then who and what do you infer molded you into a ‘cold’ and ‘blunt’ being? What stops you from showing a very present emotion? Even when you’re in a place rid of judgement & ridicule?
      To an extent, unconsciously perhaps, society played a role (perhaps at your younger age) into conditioning you that way. It could be a very tiny role but it stuck.
      When next you feel that urge…don’t hesitate: let it out. I don’t want you “dying on the inside” that could lead to a sudden unexpected explode/outburst someday.
      I do hope someday you can let yourself get a good cry (a cry of joy and happiness perhaps). 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much for all the helpful advice.

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  2. Tears are good…Just like that commercial I will say…”Men, instead of not crying, don’t make others cry”…

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    1. Ah. Nice. Haven’t seen the commercial.
      But if at any moment, they do feel the need to cry—it’s okay to do so too.

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  3. I grew up being told that nobody likes a crybaby. I have always been a sensitive person. Holding in those emotions caused so much pain, sorrow, and struggle in my life. We have to let it out. We have to embrace our feelings and allow them to flow. After many years, I’ve finally learned to let my feelings flow freely. No more stuffing things down until a volcano erupts. I’m healing. Thank God.

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    1. Couldn’t have been said any better. I’m happy Mary that you found your way back to expressing yourself and glad you’re no longer experiencing pain. Your story is proof that suppressing emotions does the body no good. Let it out. Let it flow.
      Thank you for sharing this.


  4. So so true! Crying is therapeutic.. it fills the void.. it’s a strength, not weakness! Love it!!

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    1. Truly, it fills the void!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. Always my pleasure 💖

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  5. Crying is a great release, however it is difficult for me to cry in public, even if I’m going through something personal.

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    1. Very understandable. As far at some point you find a private place to release the tears. A great release it is indeed.

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      1. Right. Nothing like a good cry to make you feel better or sometimes in my case, I fall asleep. Best sleep ever.

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  6. tonylhynnbrennand Avatar

    Crying is never been being weak. It is a relief especially when your heart is too heavy because of the disappointments. I always cry whenever I’m happy, sad, overwhelmed and watching drama hehe..

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    1. Haha. Oh yes drama! Those can be very intense to evoke tears. But you’re right, crying is tied to many emotions, but never a sign of weakness. Thanks for your input.


  7. A good cry, not a weakness… Absolutely not! Blessings!

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    1. Oh yes it’s not! Absolutely.

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  8. What makes me cry? My reply to your next post!

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    1. Looking forward to the reply.

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  9. Tears, like rain, are cleansing. Sometimes, we cry happy tears. Emotions often overflow like a river…we cry because we are human. Our hearts have so much to express. It is wonderful that God created us knowing we would feel things so deeply, that we would need to let things out. The gift is that our hearts are so beautifully made in the first place.

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    1. Exactly! Crying is simply one of the many characteristics of being human. God knew what He was doing.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I enjoyed reading them.


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