Three days left

Someone shared a story about a Syrian pastor who he and his wife are the only two Christians in a town in Syria–a Muslim dominated town.

He continued to narrate the challenges they encountered while worshiping and praising God. He goes on to mention how they have never heard a Christian music before.

This revelation struck a cord in me because I know how efficiently I can access my playlist within seconds. It is a privilege and a blessing that I can listen to my gospel music anytime of the day I so desire. That I can safely visit my place of worship on Sundays without an ounce of fear that I could be bombed and killed for worshipping God.

While being a Christian in my place of residence still has its own challenges, it is certainly nothing compare to my fellow Christian brothers and sisters living abroad where their faith in Christ is threatened, and could ultimately determine how long they live.

What was most shocking to me about his story, although not a surprise, was when he said he have three days till death. His brothers and other family members gave him three days to renounce his faith. Today was day two. He has one more day to live. He has one more day of life only because he made the decision to serve and worship God. This is the reality of many who have chosen Christ.

Every religion faces their own battle of acceptance with society. But if you can publicly practice your faith without punishment or having to face death, then you’re among the privileged. If you’re not, I pray that God almighty continue to grant you the strength and boldness to keep on keeping on because He has overcame!



15 responses to “Three days left”

  1. Beautiful.. faith is something a mattet of soul which is eternal unlike the body covering it 💐

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    1. Oh yes! Well said. Thank you for sharing! 🌸✨

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  2. Thank you for this💚 that’s would be so scary, we are truly privileged

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    1. Thank you for reading dear. It’s indeed a privilege! 💝

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  3. Nicely said! Strength for the journey, boldness to not waver; as we follow Christ!

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    1. Amen! Thank you for your input ! ✨🌸

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  4. Beautifully written. Faith is what got me through so tough times…and still do.

    “Keep on keeping on” one of my favorite sayings. ♥️

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    1. Oh yes! Thank you dear. 💝🌸
      It’s amazing…His grace is sufficient.

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