Love in Action

It’s not enough to mouth “God bless you” when you can be the person God can use to bless them.

In 1st John 3:18 you see that love is not just ‘I love you.’ Loving in action is beyond uttering those three words–it’s loving with actions and in truth. There’s no wrong doing in saying “I love you,” but how often do you back it up with action? Are those you claim to love feel that you love them?

We know what real love is because Jesus gave up His life for us. God demonstrated His love for us by giving up His only begotten son. To love in action means demonstration of love. Real love is sacrificial, making room for one another, and accommodating each other.

Now, loving in action doesn’t always have to mean the utmost sacrificial act. Loving in action can mean as little as paying it forward when it is within your means and reach to do so. In 1st John 3:17 you see that loving in action means helping a brother or sister in need when you have the material possession to do so.

Loving in action means setting aside some of your income for charity. Intentionally set aside something (money, food, clothes, etc) for the poor. Loving in action means dedicating your time to volunteer with any organization of your choosing. Loving in action can be demonstrated in whatever which way you want, but it shouldn’t stop at “I love you” or “God bless you.” Always ask yourself, “what I can do or how can I help to be a blessing in their life?”

The setback in doing good is that you sometimes look towards what is in it (reward) for you instead of just demonstrating love with action without wanting anything in return. Love with action because the love of Christ compelles you to and not because of what you stand to gain.

Another setback in doing good is that sometimes the fear of disappointment holds you back. Some may say “but I have been disappointed and hurt severally in the process of loving.” Remind yourself that God is the ultimate rewarded. The God you did it for will eventually reward you in due time.



2 responses to “Love in Action”

  1. Its high time we understand that live is more of practical.
    Nice blog, lovely theme…. Keep the ink flowing

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    1. Thank you! Thanks for stopping by! ✨🌸

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