Ye Without Sin.

“…but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”

– John 8:7

As Christians we ought to be more welcoming and tolerant of others. For we are not called to judge, but to win souls and love our neighbours.

Whenever I speak to nonbelievers, the highest and most mentioned statement is that “Christians are the most judgmental people” and always so “self-righteous.” Therein lies the problem. It is almost impossible to win a soul when their first impression of you is negative.

As Christians, we ought to do better. We are not any holier than anyone really because we are all sinners, but Christ paid the price by dying on the cross.

Let us welcome with open arms those that are different from us. Of what use will it be to only welcome and tolerate Christians?

And to those that aren’t believers, that we are Christians doesn’t mean we are perfect. We, too, have our own imperfections and battle with our personal struggles and challenges.

Let us be gentle with one another, slow to anger, and never to judge. God can use and call anyone at any given time. Our Father in heaven, can use anyone (ask apostle Paul) as long as they are available for Him.

Let us not be picky on those we decide to love and preach the gospel with. And in doing so, do not condemn. But rather, preach from a place of love, peace, and acceptance.



8 responses to “Ye Without Sin.”

  1. Everything about this post is true. We shouldn’t judge or be selective when we preach the word of God.

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    1. Absolutely ! You said it well.

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  2. Every Christian needs to hear this. God bless you.

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    1. Bless you too. Thank you! 🌸✨


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