Let’s Chat: Who’s that Guy?!

As believers, it is imperative that we know answers to common questions that may come up when chatting with an unbeliever or anyone interested in what we believe in.

So I ask:

Who is God to you?

Why do you believe in Him?

And if you’re one who doesn’t believe, why don’t you?

Let’s Chat! I look forward with excitement to reading your comments!



13 responses to “Let’s Chat: Who’s that Guy?!”

  1. I believe in God because I truly believe in his power and his grace. There are so many things that have happened to me which I truly believe was due to Gods power and his grace. His miracles and love are endless!

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    1. His grace is sufficient! It’s amazing to know His power & grace is evident in your life.
      Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Haha! Awesome questions! Who is God to me? Well….EVERYTHING! I can’t walk, breathe, live, dance, sing, act, pray, talk…ok I can’t do anything without HIM! Why I believe in him? Because his son his set me free and who is free shall be free indeed!!!! 😇💓🙏✨

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    1. Absolutely!! Thanks for sharing!

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      1. Your’e most welcome!

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  3. I like you this post Cyn because it talks about this question. In your questions, it reminded me of something Jesus said, ” “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” and Peter’s response is something we as Christians should say, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

    However, it is imperative that we know who Jesus is for ourselves if a non-believer comes up to us and asks us, “Who is Christ to you” but if we don’t have an understanding of who Jesus is or we have an “alternate” view of Jesus; then we are just as wrong as a non-believer.

    This post on the question: “Who is God to you? Why do you believe in Him?” reminds me of a song by Danny Gokey called “More than You Think I Am”. The link is below if you want to listen to it.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su5DG8pQMB8 .

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    1. Very imperative indeed because once we know Him for ourselves it becomes much more easier to explain to others.
      Will give it a listen!
      Thank you for sharing!


  4. God is my help, my confidant, my guide, my provider, my source of peace; the one person who knows me inside and out and still loves me the same.

    I believe in Him primarily because of how I was raised but over the years, I’ve come to experience Him for myself. I believe in Him because I’ve seen Him work in undeniable ways.


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    1. This is so beautifully said! He’s truly all that and more. Happy to know you got to experience Him for yourself. There’s nothing compare to that.
      Thank you for your input!


  5. I personally am a spiritual person, one with mother nature. Lakota style. But im open to hear beliefes and they fasanate me.

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    1. Interesting! Being open minded is always a plus.
      Thank you for sharing your thought!


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