Way Maker!

In the midst of trials and tribulations, remember that God is the way maker, the miracle worker, and the promise keeper: that is who He is! He makes a way where there seems to be no way.

  • He is the only one that speaks and it comes to pass.
  • He is the God whose YES triumphs every No.
  • He is the God that says what He means and means what He says.
  • He is the God whose words never returns to Him void.
  • He is the God that never sleeps nor slumber.
  • He is the God that answers when you call. Call Him!

…even when you don’t see it, God is working. Even when you don’t feel it, God is working. He never stops working!

My hope is that this song of worship serve as a reassurance to you that God is able. Be not discouraged, for He is working!




13 responses to “Way Maker!”

  1. AMEN! Needed this message! He is indeed working!

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      1. Amen! Praise his Holy Name!

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  2. Amen!! Only him can say Yes!! He has the final say!

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    1. Him only indeed. Yes He does!


  3. Amen!! Reading this message gave me hope.

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    1. I’m glad & happy it did!


      1. I didn’t even knew that my comment was posted until now. It wouldn’t let me posted for some reason.

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      2. Ah! That’s strange. But I’m glad it eventually posted!

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      3. Me too πŸ˜ƒ


  4. Like the choice of your topics and the look of the blog. Glad to follow your blog .

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