In whatever you do…

In whatever you do, in whatever you’re involved in, in whatever situation you find yourself in, in whatever team you find yourself with, in whatever project you plan to begin (or already began); I hope that you remember to: 

Know what works best for you: understand what works best for you. What works for one may not always work for you. Sometimes all it takes is a little tweak for it to fit you. Take what you have and personalize it in a way that suits you best. Knowing exactly what works for you helps you structure and reconstruct what you know or have to suit what you need or want. 

Be flexible: it allows the willingness to back track and readjust if need be. Flexibility opens up the gateway to creativity. It allows you to think and act beyond your comfort zone. 

Be open-minded: it takes being open minded to approach others about their ideas and thoughts. Your ideas and thoughts may not always be the right and perfect solution. Being open-minded allows you to welcome other perspectives and be receptive to new ideas. This is helpful because others ideas can help redirect your focus, strengthen what you already have when added to, or birth new ideas that you never would have thought of. But shall I stress, open-mindedness should never mean welcoming negativity. I’m hopeful that you can differentiate the difference between negativity and constructive criticism. 

Enjoy what you do: it helps to enjoy what you do or are involved with. When you enjoy what you do, it makes commitment easy to practice. When the journey gets tough and challenging, it makes the process much bearable and doable. 

Be committed: be wholeheartedly committed. It causes you to open up yourself to embrace and take in all that you can learn from whatever it is you’re involved with. It causes you to live through the experience and not merely exist through it. Commitment leads to growth in one form or another. 

I wish you all the very best! I’m rooting for you! 



4 responses to “In whatever you do…”

  1. Thank you for such a well written reminder

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  2. I completely agree that you should love what you do, it is a good thing to remind yourself why you love what you do and why you started in the first place! And what better way to remind yourself than by writing it down! Thank you for your words of wisdom!

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    1. My pleasure! Thank you for sharing! You’re absolutely right; self-reminder is always beneficial!


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