Choose Happiness. You deserve it!

If someone were to ask you “what makes you happy?” What would your response be? How immediate will your response be?

I have asked a couple of individuals the same question, and to my surprise many couldn’t give an immediate answer. Some even responded “Hmm. What even makes me happy?” or “I can’t think of one!” It is so easy to get so occupied with life and its chaos that we forget to consciously be happy. In other words, experiencing happiness is like a roller-coaster ride: it comes and goes. Granted, life does have its unforeseen ups and down, hence why it is imperative to know exactly what makes you happy. With knowing, you can consciously and intentionally make yourself happy even in the midst of life’s toughest challenges.

Knowing the source of your happiness ensures that you can revive yourself when life hits you hard. Knowing means you have an escape to run to when you’re experiencing the worst week of your life.

While we all have various sources of happiness, it helps to have control over some of the things that make you happy. For example: compliments from others is what makes you happy, but what happens when one day you’re sad and no one compliments you? What now?

Have a source of happiness that is always reliable. And when you find that reliable source, protect your happiness, guard your happiness, and don’t let silly things or anyone steal your happiness. 

Additionally, happiness should come from within– no matter how little, silly or insane it make look or sound to others; it is what makes you happy so own it! If drawing stick-figures makes you happy? Own it! If sniffing the smell of your body wash makes you happy? Own it! It is your happiness– so do whatever possible to always make and keep yourself happy. Always.

So I ask, what makes you happy?





2 responses to “Choose Happiness. You deserve it!”

  1. Thankyou! Very encouraging… My family makes me happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pleasure is mine! I’m glad they do!


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