Why worry when you serve a living God?!

As a child of God you should learn not to worry and panic in any situation, for God specifically instructed “worry not for I am with you; Be not dismayed for I am your God…” (Isaiah 41:10). Therefore worrying is showing lack of faith, and neither will it change the circumstances.

Instead, you should pray and praise him for the miracle He is about to perform.


Here the bible tells you to put all your trust in God and acknowledge His presence, and He will guide you and take you to where you need to be. Although, sometimes it is easier and convenient to lean on our own understanding. But the truth is, most times, what we face are beyond our understanding. Therefore, it is best to leave it all in God’s hands!


Here the bible tells you to be anxious for nothing. Afterwards, then make your request known to God. But the key word here is thanksgiving.

Notice the order: prayer then thanksgiving. In other words, after you are done praying for whatever it is that is troubling you, then thank Him for answered prayers. Thank Him in advance. Thank Him for the answers soon to come.

But sometimes, we have the tendency (yes, myself included) to pray, thank Him, and then keep worrying about the same thing we just finished praying and thanking Him about. Makes no sense does it?

Pray. Thank Him. Keep thanking Him some more. Let your faith be unwavering (James 1:6).

So, when next you find yourself worrying ask yourself: “Can [I] by worrying add a single hour to my lifespan?” Matthew 6:27.
And if the answer is “NO,” then, my dear, stop worrying! It shall be well!


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